When it comes to button stiffness when deploying or retracting the blade, it is more of a “user gets used to the stiffness” rather than the knife actually mechanically “breaking in”. A lot of customers hold and use our knives for the first time and don’t realize how stiff the function is when they just begin to use it. On average it takes about 1-2 weeks for users to get used to the stiffness.

If the knife is too difficult to use comfortably, our technicians do have a way of making the button a tad bit lighter. While it's not a night and day difference, you can have it adjusted under warranty. If you would like to do so, start by filling out this form: http://support.microtechknives.com/support/tickets/new

Some points regarding maintenance for future use: For our out-the-front knives to continue deploying smoothly, they require some simple regular maintenance – it is easy to do in only a couple of minutes. This prevents buildup of debris in the knife, as well as helps keep the internals properly oiled. If this is your daily carry, it is recommended at least once a month. This will also prevent the knife from getting stiffer due to debris or lack of oil. Visit our Maintenance page for tips on cleaning and oiling your knife.