Dealers/Customers with multiple knives need to submit individual tickets for each knife. 

 We can track your knife by the assigned ticket number. If sending numerous knives, place all knives in one box. Please write each ticket# on the outside of the shipping box.  


 Below are some key points and instructions for sending your knife:


We offer a complete care service to our Microtech customers for $20, which is all done by our technicians. This includes opening the chassis, cleaning the interior of the knife, oiling it, closing it back up, cleaning the exterior of the knife, and putting a sharp edge on it. Please enclose a check or money order payable to Microtech Knives. 

  • Please refrain from using envelopes to send your knife. Envelopes tear and damage very easily. It increases the risk of your knife being lost during transit. Please package your knife in a well-padded box, covering any exposed blade.


  • Please avoid using USPS for shipping. UPS or Fed Ex ensure tracking of all packages.


  • Mark the ticket # clearly on the box. We can identify your knife the moment it arrives at our shipping department.  Write your ticket # on the exterior of the box to avoid return issues.


  • Please include a letter inside the box. Describe your issue briefly, including your name and returning address.


  • Send your knife to M.K. RA Dept. 221 Old Hendersonville Rd. Fletcher, NC 28732
  • Please review our HAZMAT Policy for sending knives with blood. 

  • Disassembling your knife voids your LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY


  • We are currently servicing production knives within 3-6 weeks. (case by case) This is based on the current volume of warranty claims *Older & Custom knives not included in current time frame*   Thank you for your patience!


  • Should the repair department determine your warranty has been voided – or that damage is not covered under warranty (please see the limited warranty information) you will be contacted for payment prior to completing services.


  • We can ship to any state, but please refer to your state laws and be sure you are informed about carrying laws in your current state. It is your responsibility to be well informed. This information excludes distributors, dealers, active military & law enforcement.


  • Please be sure that a signee is available at the time of delivery. Otherwise, the knife will be returned to our facility. Please refer to your tracking number to coordinate a time.


  • Please keep in mind the turn-around indicator is the clearest estimate of when your knife will ship – so please refer to the lead time provided.

  • If the lead time has passed, reach out at that time. 

The moment the knife ships, UPS will email you tracking information.


  • Counterfeits, please note, if upon receival we determine your knife is a counterfeit. We can return the knife to you but we will first have to remove all MICROTECH markings. Additionally, we do require a payment of $25 to cover return shipping for counterfeit knives, as this is not under the usual warranty for authentic repairs.