First, ensure that your knife is in fact broken. It may just need cleaning/ troubleshooting. 

Most of our O.T.F. knives are equipped with a fail-safe mechanism that prevents the blade from locking into place if it comes in contact with anything before being fully deployed. If this happens, your blade will slide loose along the track. To fix this, hold the body firmly with one hand. With the other hand, pinch the blade between your thumb and index finger; firmly pull the blade into its fully deployed position. The blade should lock into place. You may then use the firing button as normal.

In some cases, dirt and/or debris or dry internals may prevent the knife from firing correctly. We suggest you consult our Maintenance page for instructions on how to clean and care for your knife. If after cleaning and lubricating your knife still does not function properly, you may need to send it in for repair. 

To begin the warranty process, create a new ticket in our support portal:

 Once you do so, you will receive an email with instructions on sending your knife to us.